Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Battle is Not Yet Won

I will not give up in America. My home, my country. God yet has great plans for this nation. Do not give up in your beliefs. Stay strong in the word. Darkness has fallen, but our journey is not over. God is the light, and when light shines, no darkness can interfere. The Lord, Yahweh, may He always be with us.
-Stephanie Wolfe

Monday, October 22, 2012

Lovely Autumn

I haven't written in a longg time. It's not Summer anymore is it? :P

Autumn has been amazing this year. CBA always helps to make autumn feel just right.

I'm not afraid to get my picture taken anymore (:
My cake credit is coming good and strong. Starting on course 2.
I hope to be updating more often now ;)
Have a great week!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'd rather be thrifting

    It's always exciting to go thrift shop shopping. You never know what you'll find. It will either be a treasure that you'll keep forever or something that you will sooner or later regret that you spent a dollar or two on. But yesterday was a more than fabulous buy for me!

   I found 8 ADORABLE chef figurines.  I asked the lady how much, since there was no price for the set and she said $8. I couldn't resist. I had to! They're each special and different in their own little way. I've started my chef figuring collection.

   It's not everyday that you can find a Japanese/ Chinese( I can't tell which on it is) calligraphy set. Yet alone it being only $2! They can range up to over $20 on ebay!!
  9 items for $10. I call that a steal!

Simply Springtime

Rabbit hole in Mandie's pen
     When the weather gets warm around here, exciting things start to happen and new things are discovered.  Just a few days ago, my mother and father were working on our dog's pen- since we'll be going away on vacation soon they had to fix it since it had collapsed under pressure- the tarp couldn't hold the heavy snow from the Winter, so it bended the pen as it collapsed. So we bought a side panel for $80 at TSC in town; while working in there we came across a rabbit hole with five little precious baby bunnies!!

     My mother will sometimes constantly nag me during the Summer about me be lazy/ not doing anything, and normally asks me "So, whatch'a gonna do today?" So sometimes I get frantic since I don't have things planned out that I just come up with random ideas.
     Yogurt drops! I used Britney's cake decorating kit and made little droplets of yogurt, put them in the freezer for 15 minutes to a half hour and ta da! A healthy and delicious snack for those hot Summer days .

     And of course, who wouldn't want to try making Rock Candy?!? 4 cups of water & 8 cups of sugar. It's supposed to be 10 cups of sugar, but I sort of ran out. Wet your string/ sticks in water and roll them in sugar, let it dry REAL good before you put them in the cups. When the sugar and water comes to a boiling point, turn off the burner and let it cool down. Do not pour the hot liquid in the cups until it is completely cool or it will melt the sugar off your sticks as well. As I've learned from my previous experience. Let them sit in a window that gets plenty of sun for a whole week. Enjoy!

I made some cute cupcakes for our mother's day party last Saturday. The whole family came over to our house for a evening of fun and games. I'm really having a lot of fun with cupcakes.

           Me relaxing on Mother's day, fishing at a peaceful lake. It can't get much better than that.

                         A beautiful yellow butterfly was regularly visiting my tackle box.

Just some random shots of the lake

We have some lovely flowers growing right outside my bedroom window. Couldn't resist getting a few shots of them.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Springtime!!

P.S. I finished school last week, so that's where I've gotten all this free time to do all these things ;)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shall we dance?

      This is a picture of me and some guy that I forget the name of last night at the dance. It was awesome (As usual)! It was a very light night though. An estimate of 30 people in all. And half of the guys were too chicken to ask any girls =P
I actually lost count of how many dances I got. I think 7 or 8..
     Favorite dances? Probably all the swing dances I did, there was a lot of them last night. And of course I love the cha cha cha. I'm starting to go with the more extreme version of it now. (:
Oh dear. My last dance...I couldn't figure out if I liked it or not.. It was some homeschooler senior guy named Joesph, stiff, really full of muscle guy, and he took strange steps, so it was hard to keep up with him. We danced..close...I'm also not sure if I liked that or not either. But near the end he said I was a really good dancer. Haha so I guess  I was doing something right (: He thought I was a sophomore..He said something like "So are you a sophomore?" I shook my head and he was like "freshman?" I shook my head again "junior?" I laughed and shook my head again "are you not in highschool?" I nodded and told him I was in eighth grade. He said I  look older and I told him that I get that  a lot. Joesph said that it wasn't really a bad thing, unless people still think I'm older when I'm 30! Haha.
     I danced with Michel(Luke's little brother) for the cha cha cha. He's so cute, and he's grown up so much now. :) It was pretty hard to dance with him because some guys were break dancing behind me so of course, he wanted to watch them. Eventually he made it so that if we both looked to our right we could both watch them.
    The next dance is May 19th. I really hope I can go!
The guy in the picture with me was explaining to me why there weren't a lot of people there last night, he said that a homeschool play was going on Friday and Saturday and the people that come to the dance are in it. Sooo that explains it (:
Lovely night!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Meet Frella

   Meet Frella, our newest family member. My mom found her just outside our downstairs sliding glass door yesterday. At first we were having fun with a toad in the yard, but I soon realized that her left back foot was completely lame...(is that the word?), it sort of drags behind her, depending on what position she's in. And not too soon after that, I saw that she was also missing her front right foot, the leg is there, just not her foot, so she props herself up on her leg.
   We soon figured out that we couldn't just let her go on like this,out on her own. So  I ran down to our red shed and got out our old aquarium, and  mom looked up what was required for a wild toad; which is basically 2-3 inches of damp dirt, a rock,  and  a wood thing she could go under.
    We've had her for two days now. I haven't seen her eat anything so I'm a little worried she won't be making it long, a website said to feed them at night and night only, otherwise you'd end up with a very hungry toad.  We've put in some apple, strawberries, lima beans and I even caught some live ants.
I'm hoping she'll eat them tonight, they're still in there crawling around.
 We shall see (:

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Ahem. Disagreed. We are NOTHING near excellence. And it is defiantly not a habit of us humans! We are such fools. GOD IS EXCELLENCE. When God looked down and saw what He made He said it was good. GOOD.  Not excellence. Are you seeing my point here?
My sister's friend, had a youth group challenge. If anyone said awesome about something other than God, they had to donate a dollar to the church. You see, nothing is awesome, but God. We use so many word references to ordinary things in these days, that we never leave any greater words just for God.

Friday, April 27, 2012

 I almost forgot! I made this last night with my Bamboo Create (=